How Can I Get Involved?

Below is an excerpt from a letter Cristi sent to a little boy in the USA that contacted him about the camp. It has been posted here because of the great explanation Cristi gives stating what takes place during a session of camp.

"I believe that Camps can be very good tools for God. He told us to tell people about Him and that is what we do. A handy man has his tools, Christians have their tools. We use camps a lot. We bring children from around our area and from elsewhere. We give them a nice bed, good food, we show them that we care for them, we spend time with them and teach them different things."

"Many never heard about God but in a curse. (People curse often in our country). In a weeks time, we teach them songs that talk about how God loved us. We tell them true stories from the Bible. We tell them how Jesus came into this world to save each of us, because we are all sinners . They feel how much God loves them through us, and we explain that we do this because we were also saved from our sins by God because other told us how. We tell them what magnificent rescue plan God has for them as well, how He desires to spend eternity with them. In the end we ask them if they also want to be friends with God, and if they want to live for Him. Many say "yes", some say "no" and some don't have anything to say right away."

"We know that God is pleased with what we do, because many children tell God that they don't want to upset Him any more by continuing to commit sin, and they pledge to submit to God and obey Him."

"Here's what the children see at the camp. They are so happy to just be away from their villages where they lived pretty much their whole life. One time, while I was driving some to the camp, one said: 'This is my second time I am in a car'. I asked: 'when was your first time?". He answered: 'Some time ago when I was really sick and the ambulance rushed me to the hospital!' "

"Of course, some children have a better life, parents and food, schools to go to, but all of them enjoy all the activities we do with them at the camp. They make different crafts with their own hands, they play many games, they hike and they splash in the river, they have a good time with their new friends. They watch the Jesus film, they eat, they sleep and before they realize it, it is time for them to go home. We know they have enjoyed the camp, because they cry and beg to stay some more. Some call us and say they want to come again."

"Thank you for your prayers for me and my family. Please pray also for the camp. The main building it is not yet finished, and we have planned 10 sessions of camps this year. Pray that God will send us the money we need for the building, also for materials... and for the willing people to come and work."

The following prayer requests are ongoing, General requests-

  • Please pray for health and strength for Cristi and his family. 
  • Please pray for workers to be able to come and help continue construction of the main buiding. 
  • Please pray that God would provide financially for the families of the Romanian Children, in order that they would be able to afford to come to the camp. 

These prayer requests are Directly from Cristi, in his own words-

  • Please pray for my family's health and safety.
  • Please pray That we will stay close to God, and we'll hear from Him in all our steps.
  • To find favor in the eyes of the people we are going to come in contact from churches, workers, volunteers, villagers, stores, village hall, etc.
  • For wisdom in how to continue construction of the main building.
  • That we will have finances to continue to build and have sessions of camp.