What does Camp Bit of Heaven believe?

  1. Vision statement- Camp Bit of Heaven Romania exists so that young people in Romania can have a place to go and learn more about Jesus Christ and how to walk with Him. The Word of God, the natural enviorment, and the example of other Christians are a the main ways we reach young people.
  2. Long term goals- Our long term goal is to have camping facility that would be able to be used year-round. The primary use would be for children and youth, but also adult sessions would be held as time allowed.
  3. Personal doctrinal statement - In agreement with the evangelical doctrinal statement, We believe that all men are sinners, and apart from the redeeming work of Jesus on the cross, no one can be saved. We believe that salvation is a free gift from God for those who take Christ as their personal savior.
  4. Ministry opportunities at the camp- Immediate opportunities exist for experienced construction workers, as the camp facilities are currently being built. In the future (next year and beyond), there will be additional opportunities for teenagers and adults to come and serve the camp while sessions are being held.
  5. Accountability- Both personally and as a camp, we answer to Christ the Rock Church in Menasha, Wisconsin. We also have a board of directors for the camp, consisting of the pastor from our church in Tulcea, Romania, the chariman of the Missions committee of Christ the Rock Church, as well as other godly men that God has brought into our lives. CBOH is also a member of Christian Camping International/Romania
  6. Financial support- We are currently supported by Christ the Rock Community Church in Menahsa, Wisconsin, both for our salaries and the finances for the camp. As we continue construction projects, there are many opportunites for monetary support, both for facilities and for costs of holding sessions of the camp.
  7. Training- We have organized camp sessions several previous years as Sunday School teachers. We have been through Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission, and Cristi has served as a conselor for a summer at Camp Lurecrest in NC. Cristi is now the national coordinator for Christian Camping International/Romania.

Signed Cristi & Daniela Hodoroaba