Who Runs and Supports Camp Bit of Heaven?


Cristi Hodoroaba, his wife Daniela, and their 3 children- Vivi (15), Emi (13), Dori (17)

Cristi's desire to have a Christian Camp first became known to Americans in 1991, when he met an American couple who were in Romania adopting a child. Since that time, Cristi has continued to pursue God's call to minister to the Children in his country. For several years, he held temporary camps in the summers, while working with children in the churches the rest of the year. In 1997, God provided the funds to purchase what is now the permanent location for Camp Bit of Heaven through Christ the Rock Church. Even as construction continues on the property, Cristi is using it for sessions of camp. It is truly amazing what God has provided in the last 22 years.